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        Stamped Concrete/ Concrete Engraving  is the process of adding texture  and color to concrete to make it resemble stone, brick, slate, cobblestone and  many other products found in nature including wood, fossils, shells and many  more. This limitless array of possibilities combined
 with great durability and lower cost than natural products makes Stamped  Concrete an easy choice for new construction and renovation projects. The  installation consists of pressing molds into the concrete while the concrete is  still in its plastic state. Color is achieved by using Dry  Shakes or Color  Hardeners, Powder or Liquid Releases, Integral Colors or Acid Stains.

 All these products may be combined to create even more intricate designs. most driveways having cracking where roots are pushing the surface where major damage occurs. we will evaluate every situation and give the best estimate on the cost and transform it into a more durable solution and give it a very nice appearance.

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